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Wardeh Mist

Wardeh Mist

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Introducing Wardeh Mist, your ultimate solution for healthy hair and radiant skin. Our carefully crafted formula combines the natural wonders of Rice Protein, a revered ingredient in Asian beauty traditions, with the hydrating properties of Silicon to nourish and replenish both hair and skin.

Enriched with organic oils known for their circulation-boosting effects, our mist promotes optimal blood flow to the face and scalp, fostering regeneration and growth for a truly revitalised appearance.

Application for hair: simply use whenever needed – whether it's during your grooming routine, after a shower, or post-workout.

Application for face: make it the final step of your skincare regimen, applying twice daily for that coveted glass-like complexion.

*Should any irritation occur, we recommend discontinuing use immediately.

Experience the transformative power of Wardeh Mist – where beauty meets wellness, naturally.



All natural ingredients which include Aqua, organic (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf juice, Hydrolysed Rice protein, Natural Silicon, Certified Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Niacinimide , Bulgarian Rosa Demascena, Plantaserv A, Naticide(R), Certified Nigella Sativa Blackseed oil, Certified Ricinus Communis Seed Oil Castor oil, Oleo Europaea Fruit Oil olive oil, Scelerocarya Birrea Seed oil Marula oil, Juniperus Virginiana oil Cedar wood oil, Caprylic Capryl Triglyceride, Tocopherol vitamin E, Natural Fragrance oils (supplied by Fort and Manle Fragrance house; a mix of luxury Amber, Musk, Benzoin, and Rose Fragrance oils.)

*Fragrance May be subject to change) look at the website for any changes

* Avoid contact with eyes, and if irritation occurs, discontinue use.

* Discard 9 months after opening

  • Made with certified organic ingredients
  • Anti ageing moisturiser suited for all skin types
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All natural ingredients

All natural ingredients which include organic vitamin E
Base (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf juice, Butyrospermum Parkii


Eliminate 5 steps and use this rich moisturiser skin repair, anti aging miracle cream. Vitamin E base is enriched with the best certified,Organic ingredients. The oils regenerate the skin, Moisturise, replenish, and diminish fine lines. Hyaluronic acid and Niacinimide hydrate and create plumpness In the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

is a large molecule whether it is high or low molecular weight and as such it doesn’t penetrate deep into the skin, rather it hydrates the surface layers. Hyaluronic Acid does however play an important role in delivering actives through the skin as it acts like an osmotic pump.